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Client: GoStudent

Role: Art Director & Creative Producer

GoStudent's blog team wanted to create a video series catered towards their readers to increase traffic and engagement during the pandemic.  We designed these branded content DIY videos with the idea that it could inspire stuck-at-home kids to get creative.

All Time Low

Client: Sony Playstation

Role: Art Director

Sony Playstation's collaborated with Spotify, to create a new feature, where the player can choose his own soundtrack during gameplay.  In partnering with the band All Time Low, we designed a short video to highlight this cool new feature.

Give it a try - It's DIY

Client: Sonic

Role: Art Director

Sonic wanted testimonial videos of their customers.  We designed "real" behind the scenes style interviews, featuring different personalities that each appealed to one of Sonic's USP's.  Each personality highlighted their own reason for choosing Sonic over competitors. 


Client: Quartz

Role: Art Director 

Quartz wanted an explainer video catering to their new launch in the UK market.  We designed a humorous video with a hero athlete character, who uses plastic bottles rather than re-useable ones. Over the course of the video, he discovers the advantages of using Quartz.


Agency: Free Range

Role: Art Director

Autodesk wanted a promotional stills & video campaign for their new project “Design-led revolution” that appealed to designers from all backgrounds.

We created an emotionally driven, inspirational piece that reframed future challenges into opportunity.  Design is all about people, so we chose to focus on different hands working on a metaphorical product, optimized for the needs of the future. 


Donut Man

Client: Shutterfly

Role: Art Director 

Shutterfly wanted a social media campaign that targeted millennials.  We designed Donut Man, a video about a man completely and hilariously obsessed with donuts, to show how millennials could use Shutterfly to customize their homes.

Agency: Stories

Role: Art Director

Eventbrite wanted to promote their new event-organizer app.  We designed a video featuring an ambitious event organizer for a tech conference called "Star Tech."  Throughout the video, the viewer witnesses our protagonist in her element, slaying at every corner with the help of the new eventbrite app.

You're in charge

Square Loyalty

Client: Square

Role: Art Director 

Square wanted a video explaining one of its feature programs: the loyalty program.  We designed a colorful in-studio explainer to highlight one of square's key USPs.

Agency: Sprinkle Lab

Role: Art Director

Walmart released a new app "Affirm" that allowed shoppers to more easily afford a purchase by breaking down the sum into small, easy payments.  We designed an imagined dream store, where the shopper could easily cruise down the isles and pick up any item they pleased.  The design of the imagined store is a visual metaphor for how easy shopping is with Affirm.


Hungry for more?

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